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11 000 kilometers around Argentina in search of cacti

The book by Victor Gapon 11 000 kilometers around Argentina in search of cacti about his first trip to Argentina with Gert Neuhuber.
The first volume tells about the first half of the trip in provinces San Luis, Cordoba , Catamarca, Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy : large-format (217x277 mm, or 8.6x10.9 inches), 288 pages, 776 color illustrations. There is a short summary to each chapter in English; all the captions are also translated into English.
An engaging story told by Victor Gapon about his travelling around Argentina also contains plenty of information on indigenous cacti (mostly Gymnocalyciums) and their habitats, interesting practical notes on field work and discussion of certain systematic issues in Cactaceae family, specified field list of VG places (1-140).
The price with postal charges is Euro 35.

The second volume we plan in February, 2012.
Sponsor contributions (if you aren't sponsor still) are accepted up to the November 15, 2011; the lower limits are set to 1000 roubles for residents of Russia, and 40 Euros for residents of CIS and other countries (postal charges are included). All sponsors will get their copies signed by the author.
List of sponsors will be published in the end of the second volume too.
We thank you for your patience!

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